Saturday, September 17, 2011

FNSI - follow-up

Well, the Friday Night Sew-In was pretty much a bust this time.

I sewed a seam - one seam, one wonky, crooked twin-needle seam - no pics !

Does it count that I actually spent time in the sewing room ?


  1. Yup!! Intentions were good and honourable ;D
    There's a "next time", Claire.

  2. Hey you sewed a seam. I would say that is progress! Every little seam counts.

  3. I say YEP!!!!! I've had fnsi before all I did was play with fabric. :)

  4. I finished projects I started before we lost Thor. If that counts, then one crooked seam counts, too.

    The Vogue 1250 directions are really funky, and so is the assembly, but follow them one step at a time and they actually work. Just be really careful with the side seam that ends in a dart, because GMarie told me she ended up with one looking "peaky" and it happened to me, too. I ended up restitching 3 times before I was satisfied with the taper. But my dearly beloved said it made me look "tall and slim!" So go for it whenever the mood moves you, because even the first time it only takes about 2 hours! (Other than grading it from bust to waist to hip size, don't make any alterations to the pattern before you make the first one. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit even without the FBA or anything else).

  5. Absolutely! I'm getting ready to walk a hound dog and then I'm hunkering down in the studio. I've been buying fabric like I'll never be able to buy another yard because I haven't sewn a stitch since Labor Day! g


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