Sunday, August 10, 2008

M3341, No. 2


Here is the finished skirt I mentioned in the last post.
It's the same pattern and view ("C") I used for the black&white houndstooth skirt I posted on in June.

It's a peachy/orange stretch cotton that is VERY comfortable, the A-line skirt is better at work than a straight skirt - much easier to access bottom drawers of filing cabinets !

In June I made a size 16 which is pretty loose fitting. This time I made a 14 and it fits alot better. I'm very happy with it but see the wrinkles in the back now - I guess they are in the first skirt as well, but we didn't take pictures of that one on me. Since I've replaced the broken zipper maybe it's time for a pic.

Anyway, I've been paying close attention to the adjustments on the coat sewalong and in the blogs I read and, unless someone tells me otherwise, will pinch out that bit of extra fabric in a fish-eye dart on my pattern. Hmm, this is the fix I see people do on their muslins, since I'm working on my actual pattern pieces, could I just lower the CB the amount I need, tapering to nothing at the side seams ? Is this a swayback adjustment?

I traced the pattern out onto tracing paper for this skirt since I suspect I will make it a few times more - my first TNT ? After the holiday trip, I now have lots of skirt fabric to use up.


  1. Hi Claire

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It is kind of cool to get birthday greetings from Alaska and Canada.

    How is your sleeves coming on?

    I am not sure I can help you with the skirt - I think it is difficult to fit based on pictures.

  2. Gry - yes, this talking around the world IS cool. I had a break while we were on vacation and traveled with library books, believe it or not !

    I think I'm going to give up on trying to fit the sleeve from the McCalls pattern and instead try to change the Vogue pattern to a 2-piece with the latest instructions.

    I will start to do this tonight so maybe I'll be able to have it done and sewn in by the weekend.

  3. Claire - I'll look at my Nancy Zieman's fitting finess for how to do a swayback adjustment on a skirt. I should do it more often. But essentially, yes, you need to get rid of fabric at the center back, tapering to nothing at the side seam. Then I use the facing (I tend to use faced skirts) pattern as originally done. Hope that makes sense. g

  4. Thanks Gaylen, I started another skirt and before I did, I checked my books...I found the swayback adjustment in Fitting Finesse as a Horizontal Fold Wrinkle problem. I took my CB down 1/2" and am keeping my fingers crossed. Am attempting lining on this one too. Man, that is some slippery stuff !!!


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