Thursday, August 21, 2008

They came !

Last week, Ann, of Gorgeous Things posted patterns she wanted to find new homes for. I asked for 2 and yesterday, there they were in the mailbox :-) Thanks, Ann !!!

Simplicity 4044 - 1940's Retro, Simplicity 4500 - Threads Collection

My sewing ability and time now need to catch up with my plans, I like all of these pieces, and can see trying most of them. I had the instructions out, reading at supper last night LOL

Having just had the enjoyment of getting a package in the mail, I hope Marjie soon gets the Threads mag and the pattern I sent her.

And speaking of Marjie, I just took her 'milk bread' out of the oven and tasted the first piece. Fabulous !

No sewing before Tuesday...I'm traveling tomorrow night for a VERY quick trip to New Brunswick - the bus ride between Montreal and Saint John is 14 hours each way. My Dad will be 80 on Sunday and there is an open house Saturday afternoon for him. He drove a city bus for almost his entire career and knows practically everyone in the city (it seems like it, anyway) - my sister placed an announcement in the paper for this so her place could be a zoo on Saturday.

That's it for now - next week, I'll adjust the sleeves on the coat muslin and hopefully be ready to cut the wool.


  1. I'm so very glad that you liked the milk bread! My sons are going to the post office this afternoon, and I hope my package will be there! Have a fun trip!

  2. Hi, Claire, hope your visit with Dad and his party were lots of fun (although I'm sure 28 hours on a bus was a misery). I wanted to let you know that your package arrived today, and thank you so much!

  3. Hi Marjie - Dad had a wonderful afternoon, family & friends he hasn't seen in years, in some cases. 4 late nights somewhere about 3am before sleeping, 3 busy days - today I'm back home and recuperating ! LOL I'm glad you got the package, but 16 days ! Wow.


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