Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on the Coat - Sleeves...Again.

I've made it through another attempt at sleeves.

The McCalls sleeve was giving me trouble and I was still fighting with it (it was winning...) when I saw the instructions for converting 1-pc sleeves. I psyched myself up and spent 2 evenings tracing and redrafting the 1-pc Vogue sleeve into a 2-pc sleeve and here are the results...

Front & Back :

There are 2 right sides here, the one taken in the shade looked pretty good till I saw how the sun really showed up the wrinkles.

I've just seen the post on the diagonal wrinkle problem and I guess I'm going to have to move the notch forward a bit on the right sleeve. I don't think I have to do anything to the left sleeve, do I ?

The last time I asked about resetting a sleeve I was told to take the whole thing out and set it in from it the same now ? Would I be able to unpick the basting on the back of the armhole seam and just ease it all forward a bit ? I didn't gather the ease between the notches, I pretty much eased most of the armhole - just left the underarm with no easing, about 4-5" or so.

Looking at the whole body shot again from the side, I see the waistline is not actually level yet...CF is still higher than CB. I think I'll adjust this yet again, CB needs to come up at least another 1/2".
So, any thoughts, re: the sleeves or anything else you may see ?


  1. Oh, we are making the same coat. Well, you're actually making it - I just have fabric lying around for it!

    What fabric are you using? Rather than raising the back, could you lower the front? Might make life a bit easier, plus are you trying your muslin on over what you might be wearing it with in the winter? That will make a difference on how it fits. g

  2. I'm actually 'attempting' to make it ! LOL It's coming along though. In all honesty, I've made it further than I thought I might.

    I'm using a charcoal wool flannel and will underline with a pj flannel. I'm pretty sure though, that it will be a fall coat rather than a winter coat, but I'm willing to be surprised :-)

    Yes, I could lower the front and am considering it - but the front is actually at my waist now and the back is low - the whole waistline was really low to start with.

    Up until this fitting I was wearing winter sweaters. I didn't this time as I'm ok with the fit of the body and was just looking at the lines for vertical, horizontal and sleeve wrinkles.


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