Sunday, September 14, 2008

I do Believe the Muslin's Done !

That is, of course, unless someone looks at these pics and cringes because something is REALLY wrong.

Today's adjustment was the left armhole, had to take in the back at the bottom of the armhole - same adjustment I did last week on the right side. Both adjusted shoulders/armholes...

Front & Back

I started to fiddle with the waist line again, but on this pic, the waisline and the hemline are 'almost' straight.

The waist is comfortable as it is, so I'm going to hope that the weight of the wool flannel, the cotton flannel and the lining will all help this hang evenly. I think now feels like the right time to just 'go for it' and move on to the next step.


  1. I do like the lines of this coat. What color is your wool fabric? I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Hi Marjie,

    Thanks, I really like it myself. The wool is a charcoal wool flannel...

    I'll be glad to see the next version made up without all the basting lines - some will be there for sure, but this was getting 'very' busy to look at, LOL.

    I'm keeping my eye on the comments today and if nothing drastic comes up, I'll cut the muslin apart probably tomorrow night.

    I saw your post on the pretzels this morning - they looked good

  3. We are making the same coat - if I ever actually start making mine. I'm gonna have to now - we are on a tight budget now. UGH. I so hate it. Love the coat though. g

  4. Gaylen, I answered your other comment before I saw this one. Yes, we ARE making the same coat. I really hope I actually get it done and that after all the muslin fitting that it's wearable. The sense of accomplishment will be something, I'm sure :-)


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