Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love comments :-)

Since I'm relatively new to this whole blog environment I am having some trouble believing that anyone would be interested in checking out my ramblings. But, my counter is going up and I'm getting comments so I'm definitely 'out there'.

This blog was started partially to give myself a kick in the pants to get onto my projects ('if I write it down, I have to do it') ... that's sort of working, my sewing is very slow, but I do now have 3 new skirts and a coat muslin done since about March. I will NOT think about those of you who could do all that in one weekend :-)

NOW I have a whole other motivation - if people are reading then I need to post, therefore I need to sew - also, I'm buying fabric, & patterns, & fabric & notions, & fabric & Burdas, etc... so I have to sew.

Keeping up with everyone else's projects is very inspiring and is helping me start to think outside the box - the patterns are not written in stone - cut the size that fits, where it fits. The variety of projects to come from one pattern is just amazing.

When I've gottten comments previously, I've been responding in the comment section, but tonight I thought I'd make a post instead.

Liana, aren't subscriptions a great thing, 'especially' when you can't get something locally. 'Threads' is getting the better of me though, my magazine shop has had the new issue on the shelf since last week - but I'm waiting for my subscription. (I almost bought it before I remembered I subscribed - that would be two issues in a row if I did - sometimes I don't know where my brain is LOL). I started your string bag last night - hopefully it comes out as nicely as yours did.

Marjie, it's hard to find such places in Montreal, it's such a big place that generally people don't remember you. We do have a regular corner store though, it's 15 km away now since we moved in 2000 but it's still the one we go to if we have to stop on the way home from work. We've known the owner and his family for more than 20 years now. I don't have kids but they know our dogs LOL. We take them in for a visit every once in a while.

Ann, nice in-laws ! I hope your subscription renewal rumor is true ! Like you, in NB, I do most of my local shopping at Fabricville. My first experience with a 'garment district' was this summer ... in Toronto.
Montreal has a garment district but I'm not very familiar with it - 'yet' :-). Do you know Montreal at all ? There is St Hubert Street, which I know of but have never been and apparently some shops on St Laurent Blvd. I've seen a few people blog about them, but again, have never been. Do you know when you'll be up - I could meet up with you, if you'd like - It would be lovely to go with someone who sews and knows what they're doing (that, of course, would not be me !).

Thanks for reading everyone !

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  1. Claire, I'm feeling somewhat like you about this blogging/sewing :)
    I wish I had more to post, but time seems always short for sewing.
    I'm not sure exactly when we plan on going,it all depends on when I can take off work. I would love to shop in a garment district :)When all you have is Fabricville that would be a great treat. When I went to Quebec city this summer I only had a couple hours to put towards fabric shopping, mind you it was enough to get what I wanted and go where I wanted :)
    I'll let you know when/if we make the trip and see if we can work something out, that would be great.


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