Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coat - V8346 - What am I doing wrong ?

Here we go again - Sleeves had diagonal wrinkles - after checking instructions on the coat sewalong blog, I unpicked the sleeves and moved the shoulder dot forward about 1/2"

The pics show tonight's change first - compared against the same view(s) from my last post.


Right side...

Left Side...

Ideas, anyone ?


  1. I can't help you; I've only made a couple of coats, both very lightweight (microsuede and London Fog coat type fabric). Is part of the wrinkling problem maybe caused by the light weight of the muslin? And maybe lining will help the wrinkling, too. Sorry, I'm not much help.

  2. Any opinion is welcome, Marjie...I never thought of the weight of the muslin. I was wondering myself if I put the sleeves back, if the sleeve head under the shoulder will fill out the wrinkles. Compared to how they look now, they weren't all that bad before so if I can't get ALL the wrinkles out, they'd probably be acceptable.

  3. Hi Claire,
    I wanted to reply here in case you don't check the coat sew along blog often. But I wanted to say the same thing as Marjie here said. I was waiting to say anything on the coat blog until one of the experts chimed in. But I was wondering if some of the lines we see in muslin will disappear in wool because wool is so easily steamed into place and muslin is not. I am sure you don't want to experiment on your good wool to find out. But what if you made a small sample of say on half of the front and back with the armhole and one sleeve in some cheap wool and see if it hangs the same way. I have tried the sample that Els gave for a wrinkle I had before and it made it worse like yours. I finally got rid of mine by pulling up on the sleeve at the bottom of the armhole until the wrinkle disappeared. Yours in the back and mine was in the front. But if you pull on it at the bottom of the sleeve slightly and see that the back wrinkles disappear, then maybe that will work too. I hope I explained this so that you can get a visual on it.

  4. Linda - I'm using ALL my resources and checking 'em regulary - If someone comments, I'll find it !

    As it happens I will be right near a local Fabricville this morning and can pick up a bit of cheap wool - none extra at home.

    Clarification - your suggestiion is that I set a wool sleeve into the completed muslin ?

    This sounds like a good idea - and will try it this weekend.

  5. Hi Claire, It's unfortunate these sleeves are giving you so much grieve. It's so much easier to fit when you have the person in front of you :) The before pictures the sleeves actually look really good :) But looking at the latest pictures it does seem like the sleeves have to be re aligned back towards the shoulder.(front to back). When I'm in trouble like this and have nobody to help me fit, what I've done in the past is unpick the sleeve, between the easing dots, and "pin" it back on, trying it on and just "seeing" where it feels better and where it fits and sits the best, re-pinning as I need to, you may have to pin a few times till you get it right, and it sounds a little longer way to do it? but it did seem to work- with patience, which you seem to have :)Then I would make the alterations on the paper pattern, and again re make a muslin to confirm. Hope I explained it alright and it helps :)

  6. Thanks for the encouragement & advice, Ann. I have picked these sleeves out so many times, I'm waiting for the SA to fall off the sleeve cap ! LOL

    & yes, I think the last attempt was a few steps backward, they did look much better before. It's VERY possible I'm being too picky !

    I did try to just unpick the easing and pin til it fit but my patience let me down - after about 5 tries, I gave up.

    Anyway, there is another sleeve attempt in the works this weekend ('hopefully' the last one)


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