Sunday, September 21, 2008

V8346 - Time to start the coat

After fighting a migraine for 2 weeks (yes, weeks :-( ) and losing, I think it's finally on the way out. It's there, but less, maybe just a few more days.

So, on to the next batch of new things to learn ....

My muslin was done last week and I hadn't done a thing on it all week. Never mind the headache, it was pretty stressful to think of cutting apart all that work !

I took the scissors to it today and pressed each piece, now it's ready and waiting. The wool and the cotton flannel are ready to go (I think I need to check the wool, I don't remember straightening it ).

I was trying to decide if the flannel is to be underlining or interlining. Since I am using it more for warmth, I was leaning towards interlining, but I've read a comment on the sewalong blog where it was suggested that cotton flannel could be underlining since it's not so thick or bulky. I like the idea of basting the flannel to the wool and treating them as one piece. Guess that 's the next step, I'd like to work on it through the week and have both the wool and the flannel cut out by next weekend...that's the plan, anyway.


  1. Well, it's great that you have a plan! I hope that, unlike mine, it doesn't choose to go astray. Sorry about the migraine; that has to make life a misery!

  2. Plans - well, we make 'em and life gets in the way, at least that's how it works around my place & apparently you're in the same boat - LOL, oh well, we do try.

    Tonight is DH's bowling night, I've got about 2 hours on my own. So, as long as the migraine stays manageable and the fur-creatures don't decide they NEED a 2 hour playtime with Mummy, then I 'plan' to get started.

  3. SOrry about those migraines...
    2 weeks is a long time...hope you're feeling much better...and yes like you - life does step in to change my plans...but that's OK too :) it eventually all gets done :) Hope you manage to make some progress/ I'm hoping to get my pad stitching done this weekend.

  4. Claire (and fellow Canadian),That bread looks so good ,I want some .I haven't made bread in years.Are you going to post your coat when it's done ?I can't get into the Great Coat Sew-along to see everybody's progress. Diana from NB.


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