Saturday, November 22, 2008

Buttons, buttons .... and more buttons

Otherwise known as 'avoiding deciding about bound buttonholes'

As I was catching up with some blog reading yesterday, I came across Cidell's post about her FabricMart buttons. I ordered a bag of these as well (way back in March). $5 for 4 lbs of buttons is great bang for your buck !

I also purchased (way back in April) a few plastic storage containers that can be subdivided to smaller sections as required. Both the containers and the buttons have since been sitting on my table ... waiting.

While avoiding the 'dreaded buttonholes' I decided this was the perfect time to sort the buttons. Good lord, the amount of buttons in a 4lb bag !!! It took a couple hours, but it's done now.

As usual, I was not thinking about the camera so don't have a 'before' picture. I do have a halfway done picture though. The bag is still almost 1/2 full.

All that's left to do is shave a few more dividers to fit for the last few buttons.

This does have some bearing on said 'avoidance of buttonholes'.

I have been looking for buttons & haven't seen anything yet I want. I don't want to wait too much longer as I actually want to finish the coat sometime in my lifetime !

So, today I decided to go with the snaps, my excuse being...(look at the left hand pic, top right hand side), I like these blue anchor buttons but don't know if I like them well enough that I won't want to change them out later. And they're HUGE, so if I make buttonholes I'm stuck with that size later.

Hmmmm, I just checked, these buttons are 1-1/4" - 'exactly' what the pattern calls for - my excuse just went down the toilet...tomorrow I'm going to make that 1st practice buttonhole (the one I was going to do Friday, LOL)


  1. I think we have the same bundle from the spring and the exact same storage units!

  2. I think so too, I linked to your earlier post and laughed when I realized they were almost the same.

    My DH is getting used to me browsing with him in the hardware store, we look at the same things for completely different applications, LOL.

  3. I laugh about your buttons being the excuse. It's just too easy to procrastinate!

  4. Marjie, I take my excuses where I can find them (or I'll make them up if I have to) !

  5. Go for it Claire.Once your bound buttonholes are finished, you'll be so proud.

  6. WOW,this is really allot of buttons. Maybe I'll try an order :)
    Ditto...what Diana said :)


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