Thursday, November 20, 2008

The continuing saga

First - Gry, Diana, Trena, Marjie & Ann, thanks all of you for the Birthday wishes - it WAS a good day ! :-)

SEWING - So, exactly how many ways can I say 'moving along' or 'making progress' - I'm going to have to dig out a Thesaurus - LOL

I have to remember exactly how slow I am at this. Attaching the hair canvas to the back shoulder area took 2 full evenings ! Looking at it now, I think I 'may' have overdone the catchstitching along the edges - all the pictures I've looked at show many less stitches MUCH further apart. Oh well, it won't fall apart (I hope!)

So here for your viewing pleasure are the next couple of pictures.

I'm glad this handstitching is all going to be covered up with a lining. I definitely need more practice to get my stitches even.

Now the delay tactics are all used up, I have to decide.....snaps (easy) or the dreaded bound buttonholes (NOT so easy)...I think I'll sleep on it and take a wild stab a a practice buttonhole tomorrow afternoon and see what happens.


  1. I'm afraid of bound buttonholes, myself. Years ago, I had a wonderful wrap coat with no buttons, just a nice big, fat sash on it. Yeah, I was bony then, maybe 100 pounds, and it went a long way around. It was my favorite coat, and I still remember it fondly.

  2. Well there's a thought - no closures at all ! LOL

    I didn't get home early enough to attempt a test buttonhole today, but I will - it's the next step.

  3. Claire, What an inspiration you are. I'm going to refer to your Coat posts when I make my jacket for Swap. I've made many coats/jackets but have hardly ever used all the steps followed by you Great Coat Sew Along participants.

  4. Diana, what a compliment - thank you ! I must say, when I signed up for this I had NO IDEA what it entailed. That's probably a good thing or I may never have done it.

  5. It really looks good. You're doing a great job. And don't be afraid of bound buttonholes :) they are really not that difficult to do, and they look so good.


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