Monday, November 3, 2008

The proof is in the pictures

I absolutely could not figure out how come the first pic is so blurry - but it is definitely a photographer error - I couldn't take a decent pic to save my life...LOL

Anyway, blurry or not, these are the 2 under sleeve pieces with the underlining tacked to the wool fabric. The pin cushion held 10 or so pre-threaded needles before I started (THAT was a good plan !) The top of the pic shows the stack of coat pieces waiting their's actually not that bad, if I do a couple each night, I could be done by the weekend.

Couldn't you just kick yourself after you see a potential problem AFTER the fact ?

1) Seam lines are basted in white - just lovely against the wool...not so much against the white flannel background which is what will be showing when I sew these RS together - DUH - I will manage with it though. This exercise is going to take a LOT of thread, I have a large spool of the white cotton and that rayon thread was NOT cheap !

2) I just ran the the black inner basting threads from top to bottom. No knots at either end, VERY slippery rayon thread. Hello ? What did I think would stop this from just slipping out ? DUH No. 2

So, before I move on to the next piece, I'll knot each end of the black thread - better to figure it out now rather than later.


  1. Hi Claire, How are you doing on your coat?Did you get any sewing done this weekend? Al those tailoring techniques are sure to pay off. I'm anxious to see the finished product.

  2. Claire ,I've been trying for weeks to put your blog on my list of blogs and it just doesn't work. Can you think why that would be?

  3. Hi Diana, yes I spent some time sewing this weekend...handsewing takes a LONG time. I have one more piece to attach underlining to the wool and then I move on to interfacing. I have to create the required interfacing pieces first. The hair canvas is ready to go.

    I saw my blog on your list a few weeks ago - thank you ! - but I checked it out just now. The address is actually '1seamatatime' (number 1), it's typed in your list as 'iseamatatime' (letter i) - that should fix it.

    Have a great week - loved the dress you just posted.

  4. So glad you are making progress. My sewing progress has been near zero of late. Just no inspiration. Only ice cream.

  5. I saw that ice cream/algebra post, Marjie - the ice cream looked good ... I'm sure you'll get back sewing soon, didn't you say you have a Thanksgiving dress to make ?


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