Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ribbon Cookies are done

Here they are - 21 dozen cookies destined for the freezer.
Except the ends and the ones I cut too thin (those have been eaten already !)

Quantity always depends on how big you make your bricks - I think I made 'em smaller this year LOL - this was way more cookies than usual for 3 batches.

I started with this:

Assembly line - always 2 trays waiting for the oven

First couple of trays just out of the oven:

And the grand finale !!!

Next up - Spritz, I think, hmmm, maybe Candy Cane Cookies or Almond Sticks, I'll decide once I get back upstairs :-)


  1. Wow! Those would last my crew for at least half an hour! You must expect your whole family to descend upon you and Bob at any moment!

  2. These seem to be the favorites all round, Marjie. So all 8 Xmas tins will get probably 2 dozen instead of one dozen. That ONLY leave 5 dozen for our place and some to take to work. There's no such thing as too many of these ! LOL :-)

  3. My friends and I did our crazy cookie bake on Saturday. Lots and lots of cookies!


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