Thursday, January 15, 2009

98m, 99m, 100m ....

Still sorting, prewashing and logging in fabric.

105 m & counting (and you should see what's still left to do !)

And no, I have not washed 105 m of fabric in the last 6 days - a fair amount had already been done. They just have to be sorted to their grouping and logged in the excel sheet.

I've thought about how to sort the piles and decided to go with type of fabric. Sorting by color just won't work for me, as I tend to decide what to make then find the right fabric. Better to keep types together.

Right now I've got a shelf with 5 piles (lg pieces of wool, 1meter skirt cuts of wool, knits, shirting and an interim misc. pile which will get resorted as I create new appropriate piles)

Also, the plastic bins are coming along -
  • 2 drawers with jersey & interlock t-shirt knits,
  • 2 drawers with cuts of flannel for sleep pants
  • 2 drawers with bottom-weight cuts of cottons for skirts, pants, etc.

On a side note, I've tried to comment on a couple of wordpress blogs today and pretty much have given up.

On one blog, it took 3 tries for a comment to show up (the other 2 attempts are in the black abyss of blogland, I suppose)

On the other, up to now my comment has not yet shown up (a 2hour time frame so far), but I tried to re-comment and the system told me I was trying to post a duplicate comment.

I don't seem to have this trouble on the blogspot blogs - anyone have any ideas ? Do you have trouble posting comments, too ?


  1. I'm with you--I organize by type of fabric and then color within type. My categories are: generic woven, wool, silk, and jersey.

  2. When I started mine on wordpress, they had it set uyp that I had to approve all comments first. I have since changed that, but noticed that two got caught up in the spam filter.

  3. I will one day go thru my fabric and sort, but for now I just can't bring myself to do it.(It's really not too bad,it's fairly organized.)I find I barely have time to sew, so when I do I just want to sew :)Next time I move I'll make sure everything is well sorted.

  4. I'm plugging along with my cataloguing, you're much farther ahead but I'm working on it. You may be leaving comments that have to be approved, some bloggers do that so they can ok comments before they are posted. Good job! K


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