Sunday, January 18, 2009

I sewed a Seam !

Literally, one seam.

All week (and all weekend) I've prewashed, folded, yada, yada, yada the Collection. And all I've really wanted to do is actually sew something.

Tonight, in the interest of organization, I sewed an elastic waistband into a pair of DH's sleep pants. They're done & off my table and I had my sewing fix. This was one of a couple pairs I made for DH for Christmas 2? years ago. The elastic ends were sewn together but they broke and it took me awhile to get to them.

As for the fabric - after the dryer chimes in about 20 minutes, I will be up to 136 m accounted for. It's funny how your mind works, isn't it ? My room now has pretty much the same amount of piles as it did before I started BUT now when I look at it, I see stacks of fabric that make sense rather than just a jumble.

The top shelf is emptying out as I pull what's there to be washed and sorted. It will gradually have organized stacks.

The 2nd shelf is, from left to right: large pieces of wool, skirt pieces (mostly wool, but not all), the misc pile (linen, embroidered stretch cotton & a few other pieces), shirtings and knits.

I'm making progress, but there are lots of pieces sitting around the rest of the room still waiting for attention.


  1. Hi Claire, It sounds like you're getting ready for some serious sewing. i usually really want to sew after I "reorganize" my gazillion metres of fabrics. But doesn't it feel good?

  2. That looks like progress to me! And I hate mending. I love getting a thing off the shelf and back into circulation, but it's not a new thing, and I always want new things!

  3. You organization is coming right along. Looks good. I seem to have let the Coat suck my mojo right away.

    thanks for stopping by. As for the sleeve, I printed out those instructions and I think I have the top sleeve done (not sure the curve on the elbow side is right). But now do I just move those pieces to the bottom sleeve? See - I'm just lost. I need to read through all the instructions. g

  4. You did a great job organizing! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  5. It truly sounds like you're making great progress! All this organizing has to get you in the mood for sewing :)


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