Saturday, January 31, 2009

YIPPEE !!!! - my January Wrap-Up

My room is done - fabric is all pre-washed, catalogued and put away. All the books are now on the bookshelves. All the itty-bitty bits & pieces are in drawers, or plastic boxes (except those in use on the cutting table. Everything now has a place and I can breathe again :-)

Final tally of fabric ? 316 m

Wanna see ?


Relatively clean cutting table, Bookshelves with sorted books (sewing, cross stitch, mags-BWOF, Threads, etc)

From top down - stacks of fabric (sorted by type), boxes with buttons & thread, small boxes with various notions, patterns somewhat sorted in the baskets, pressing accessories, sewing machine & serger on a clean table, ready to go.

Plastic bins, drawers sorted by type - there is another plastic bin in the pic above, under the cabinet just to the right of the serger.

See the tote bag on the back of the chair ? Yup, I did manage some sewing this week, too. My UFO List showed 2 totes in progress - all that was actually done were the straps. Now one is done and the other only needs the second strap attached and I'll have 2 new grocery bags.

I got this fabric from before I had any idea what I was doing. Based on the description that it would be good for clothes (totally not noticing that it is listed in the Home Dec part of the site !), I ordered 6 different patterns for skirts and dresses.
What arrived was VERY STIFF fabric. I prewashed one piece 3 times to see if it would soften up. It did...some and I made a skirt of it (M3341 - the one I 'didn't' post a pic of). It is actually pretty comfortable and I will wear it alot but while I'll probably make 1 or 2 more skirts, this fabric will work much better for totes and aprons - my generic store grocery bags will soon be replaced with a mish-mash of fabric bags !


  1. Your room looks great. wonder how long it will stay that way?

    As for the still fabric, have you considered a jean style jacket?

  2. You did it! And it is gorgeous. I'm still going, but getting there. I just love the calm Karma of your room, now you can just relax and create. Good going. K

  3. I'm impressed! You did a wonderful job. I'm still trying to better organize myself and my sewing room. When I try to "organize" I seem to lose things!!!

  4. Doesn't it feel great to be so organized? It looks like you have everything a sewist could possibly need> Happy Sewing!


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