Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anyone want to hazard a guess ?

It could be dangerous ! My mind can be a scary place sometime ... LOL

In the course of organizing the Collection, I opened a bag today.
Not so unusual, I've had many fabric pieces so far that were still in bags, with receipts. Great for keeping the log pretty accurate so far.

But today I came across a Mystery Bag of stuff. There was no receipt and therefore, no date. We moved into our house in spring of 2000 and this bag was in the apartment with me for at least a couple years before that. So it's got to be 10 years old or more.

Shown are:
  • 2m piece of plain White fabric - I have no idea what it is, not batiste, not muslin. It could be a shirting but who knows. It's a woven with no stretch at all.
  • 2m each of red and navy double fold bias tape
  • 2m 1/2" elastic
  • 4m of cording
  • a package of 4 small tie-back hooks
  • 4 7" zippers
Not shown are
  • 3 pieces (2m each) of cotton fabric (medium weight like for chinos, no stretch) to match each of the colored zippers
  • 2m piece of a purpley/lilac colored fabric (cotton blend ?, polyester ?)
All the fabric is in the wash now for what I think is probably the 2nd time. Until now I only prewashed cottons once and now I usually do them in 'HOT' at least twice for maximum shrinkage. They were done at least once before - all the edges were machine wash frayed.

So, what on earth was I thinking/planning ?

The fabric and 3 zips that go together, ok - probably had skirts, or pants in mind BUT the other stuff !!!

I've NEVER used bias tape before - was I intending to make Piping ? 2m each of tape and 4m of cording.....Maybe. But, what for ? There is nothing in my sewing room that gives me any inkling of what I had in mind for this. No fabrics that would go with them, nothing.

Elastic - ok - so now I know you can always have elastic on hand, but when I bought it, it was at a time when I would have had a project in mind.

4 tiny tie-back hooks - NOT A CLUE.

Update on organizing - 9.5 m of fabric in the dryer - will run it through one more hot wash (total of 3x) before shelving it. That'll bring my total so far to 156m.....................and not done yet.

I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, though. It's dim but it's there.


  1. It is funny to run across that sort of thing in the sewing room. I have zippers in my zipper drawer that make me go "Wha?" A long forest green one, for instance. I don't like forest green much, and certainly not enough to wear a dress out of it!

  2. I haven't a clue! What an undertaking, I used to prewash fabric as it came in the house - because my sewing space was in the laundry room. Now it's downstairs. So sometimes things get deposited in the laundry room and sometimes they go straight downstairs. I always pre-wash when I'm gearing up for a project.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was exactly what I couldn't figure out. I have the two edge pieces taped together. My mind said that I had to tape the cut off pieces from the upper sleeve to the lower sleeve and I just couldn't make sense of it. That's because my mind was wrong! g

  3. The purpose for your "mystery bag" stuff will one day just pop into your head :)Maybe a class you were going to take- learning different techniques?

  4. Sounds like skirts and maybe a shirt to me. Heck, I have to admire that you even found it. I do not venture into my fabric shelves without something in mind. I tell my dearly beloved "Be afraid. Be very afraid. Who knows what lurks therein?" It's not that bad, but it's funny. As for zippers, well, he instigated me to buy about a gross of them last summer. Now I have no excuses for buying more, nor for not sewing....and yet, here I sit...

    I read your explanation to Gaylen; it was great! And I wasn't even using it!

  5. What fun Claire! I'd love to find a surprise like that!

  6. Perhaps the fabric gremlins were running amuk in your sewing area!

  7. Claire, your organizing is inspiring! I sooooo need to do the same thing...

    I left you the Kreativ Blog award; stop by when you get a minute and get a copy of the button ;)


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