Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you think the UPS guy laughed today ?

This is the package he left at my door !

I must say I expected a 'box' and was quite surprised to see this waiting for me - it's a good thing I wasn't trying to 'sneak' it in, LOL !

It was also a very good thing based on our weather, it's been raining for the past few days and I was worried about a box sitting outside for 5 hours til I got home.

It's unpacked (no problems - I got exactly what I ordered) and the knits will go in the wash tomorrow afternoon.

So, here it is all laid out - 7 1yard knits, 10 yards each of ivory and stone lining, and 2 yards of a poly poplin flower print.

The lining came wrapped on bolts so I'm just going to keep them just as they are - it'll save space - I'll prewash it piece by piece as I use it up.

All the colors are somewhat darker than it shows on my monitor - the flower print is NOT a bright color at all.

The blue on the bottom left goes perfectly with the light blue flowers on the print.
The green on the left goes well with a skirt I already own.

Two coordinating outfits - completely unintentionally ! Yaaayy !

As a note - this is my first experience with 'poly' poplin. It's nothing like cotton poplin, of course. The wrong side is very slippery but the right side feels soft like...suede ? brushed cotton ?

It's a pretty lightweight, drapey fabric and I really like it. For me it's a large print - the flowers are 3" across, so my intention was to make a skirt, does anyone have any suggestions ? It's 60" wide by 2 yards long.

No idea yet how things are going to pan out over the weekend, but hopefully there will be a bit more progress on 'the coat'.


  1. I like the flowers! I have a dress out of a similar print and I always feel like I might accidentally step onto a plane to Hawaii when I'm wearing it.

  2. Lucky you! Presents for the weekend!


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