Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st Knit & 1st BWOF

I got brave this past weekend and pulled out a knit to make a t-shirt. There is now a 1 year collection of BWOF on my bookshelf and I've yet to make anything. There are quite a few items in the 2009-02 BWOF that I'd like to try and I decided to make #108 the t-shirt with the boatneck neckline.

I compared my measurements against the size chart and I should be a 40 at the shoulders and a 42 at the waist & hips. The fabric doesn't have a lot of stretch - I think I'd like to try another one maybe a size bigger (& a couple inches longer in the body).

The fabric is a deep pink cotton jersey from a Wazoodle t-shirt bundle. In order to match thread to the knit, I used my sewing machine with a small zigzag rather than my serger. I sewed the sleeves in flat after taking off about 3/4" from the sleeve cap...the reviews on patternreview suggested this as the cap is pretty high. The seams are wonky and no-one but me will ever see the inside of this tee but it's actually pretty comfortable and I will wear it.

Anyone have any thoughts on the fit, any suggestions of what to change next time ?

DH was out bowling tonight and so I tried to take a pic myself. I got this one just before the battery died. DH is the photographer in this family...once the battery is charged up, I'll ask him to take a better pic.

Side note - apparently it's not as difficult as I thought to catch your finger under the sewing machine needle :-(


  1. Congratulations on your first knit! And sorry about your finger.

  2. I like that length on you. It looks like a good fit to me. I'm always taking my own pictures, and my mirrors are never bright and shiny, because I so rarely polish them, so some of the pictures are really blurry. But, we take what we can get, right? Hope your finger mends soon.

  3. Ouch!
    Your t-shirt looks great! Knits aren't that scary are they? :)

  4. Nice shirt! bummer about the injured finger!

  5. Sorry about the owie. Nice job on your first knit effort and your first BWOF as well.

  6. I think the shirt looks lovely. When you can't find serger thread to match exactly, you can use your machine thread but know that it's slightly heavier.

    Sorry about your finger, hope it heals fast.

  7. I've been getting BWOF for a year and haven't made one thing so I wouldn't let myself resubscribe until I've made at least three items.

  8. Oops, Claire, I forgot to thank you for the Sisterhood award. I feel very honoured.


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