Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few more baby steps on my Coat

At the end of November, this is where I stood with my coat. The back was underlined, pieced together and the back stay was attached.

Today I did the preparation for pad stitching the front. Each front is sewn to its side front, the seams are catch-stitched down, the hair canvas is cut to size, basted on and the grid to follow for the pad stitching is drawn.

I used the information found in both Paco's Tutorial on the Great Coat Sewalong blog as well as Ann's blog. It was a great help to have this detailed info available. Thanks to both of you, Ann & Paco !

Next up - the actual pad stitching ...


  1. Claire .- thank you by name. I remain eager to see the finished coat. Greetings from Barcelona and see you soon.


  2. Glad to see you making progress! This is an impressive project.

  3. You're getting there. Won't you be glad to finish so it's not hanging over your head? That's how I feel when I have a coat in progress that takes longer than I'd like. I'm cutting out my Swap jacket today so I'm sort of dreading it at the same time that I'm looking forward to starting it.


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