Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Must Learn to Sew Knits

Otherwise known as I'm still 'collecting'

  • had a sale on knits and lining
  • I had a coupon
  • box arrived in Montreal today
  • UPS should be at the door tomorrow


  1. I love knits for tops and dresses. Of course, I have a serger, and that is what has made me really love them!

  2. The day I attempt my first t-shirt, I'm sure the serger will make it very easy. But up to now I've been scared to try. My brain pictures knit fabric stretching all out from here to eternity. Our minds should just not have that kind of control over us ! LOL

    I cleaned the mess that was my room, I'm sure I can manage to make a simple t-shirt ;-)

  3. Knits are fun! I'm a huge fan. I did just fine with my sewing machine before I got a serger. You'll be hooked before you know it.


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