Monday, February 2, 2009

Okay - Tote pics

Apparently I wasn't going to get away without specific pics of the totes - Marjie asked.

So here are a couple:

With my little darling, Alex and the bag I used as a sample - I LOVE this bag ! :-)
She was not much impressed at first, I think she was afraid I was going to put her IN one ! LOL

Then, she heard a car 'Is Daddy home ?' - I lost all of her attention !

And just so my little boy doesn't feel left out here's one with both of them. Angelic looking, aren't they ? Hmmm, they're up to something. Don't let that cute blonde thing Skippy has going for him fool you, his nickname is TAZ ! LOL :-)


  1. These bags are cute - thanks for the pics! And the furry friends are cute, too. Just don't put them in the bags, or you'll end up carrying them everywhere!

  2. Marjie's right once you start putting them in bags and carrying them they will never walk again :)

    Love the bags and the dogs. g

  3. Love the bags!
    Too late for mine....he loves to be carried! A real little baby! but he loves it :) so do I :) However I don't carry him in a bag, just around the house, in my arms, luckily he's only 17 pounds!

  4. About the Patrones Magazine, you'd better believe I'll be taking it nice and easy - starting with something really simple. I've made one burda skirt, plan on using it more this year.

  5. Oh those bags are terrific! I have a leather look drapery fabric that looks a lot like this that I've been wanting to make into a bag. You've inspired me.

  6. Love the bags! Your babies are adorable! Jo has a couple of bags and a car seat. He goes to work with me so it's safer than him riding on my lap (where he prefers to ride!) He actually prefers to walk unless we are hiking or there's snow on the ground...then the FuFu dog bag is just fine!


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