Friday, March 20, 2009

BWOF 2009-02 (108) - version 2

Yes, it's 3:50am and I've been wide awake since 2:30 (and not much impressed - it's going to be a long busy day)

So, to make the most of the time, here I am - with t-shirt pics. When I finished it Tuesday, I hung it up and took a couple of pictures myself.

The inside showing the serged seams.

The hem - I did give up on the coverstitch but I did manage to figure out the twin needle on the regular sewing maching. The wonder tape helped immensely because the fabric was sooooo slippery. The hem is ok but the instructions on my machine say not to make the stitch length any longer than 2 when you use the twin needle - it's a VERY short stitch & I wish it was longer. I don't know why the length is supposed to be that short but I'm going to set it longer and very carefully try a sample because all the things I've read lately for twin stitch hems say to make your stitch longer (maybe 3 or so) - It would look alot better.

I didn't get a chance to have DH take pics on me until last night.

The newsprint fabric is very lightweight (poly/lycra ?) was from the same Wazoodle order as the first pink tee (about $4 for 1.5m). I didn't like it when I got it but someone (can't remember who) on PatternReview used it and I liked her shirt alot. Now I can't decide if I like it on me or not.

The fit on this one is better than the pink. It's a tad longer in the body, it sits better on the shoulders (small forward shoulder adj.) and I love the long sleeves - I can't buy RTW long enough in the sleeves !

The serger was dropped off at the service center last night after work. It needs a cleaning and I want the tension disks checked. The tension for the right hand needle seems 'off'. They'll check it out today and I 'should' be able to pick it up tomorrow morning.


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  2. Sorry--I was trying to correct a typo.

    The fabric is wonderful. It's a great conversation starter!

    I usually use a 4 stitch length with a twin needle, and have had no problems. Sometimes we have to break the rules!

  3. I usually sew at a 3 with a twin needle. Be a rebel! I like the top; those full length sleeves do look comfortable.

  4. I think it looks great. I love the fabric, none of the roses are inappropriately placed - it's all good. I've never heard that about the stitch length with a twin needle - width yes, but not length. Just do it! What's the worse that can happen? g

  5. I love that fabric. If I were close to you I'd be trying to read you (lol).

  6. I like your top too! I love prints and this one is a great one :)

  7. Maybe the instructions meant Width, not length?? I'd do the rebel thing too...


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