Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Collection Enhancement

Someone STOP ME, please !

Fabricville had a sale ... it followed me home, I swear :-)

It's all polyester but I don't have a problem with poly so it's ok.

12 meters - 3 m per piece all for 'buy 1, get 2 free', on a sale day where you also get $5 off for every $20 spent.

Regular price on this (including 5 spools of 500m Guttermann thread) was $180.

Actual bill $54.00 !!!!!!!!!

I'll add it to my collection total once it's all washed and logged in the excel sheet.

Off to work on my 2nd BWOF 2009-02 (108), maybe I'll finish it tonight.


  1. I don't think anyone should stop you. It looks to me like you found a great bargain. Good for you.

  2. Good Lord! Buy 1, get TWO free???!!! Were you looking for a guest for the next sale day? I think fabric should follow us home, and I announce that regularly.

  3. You're certainly welcome to come up Marjie ! This particular sale is good til March 31 !;-)

    When Fabricville has their end of season liquidation sales, they often have buy 1, get 2 free - there are a lot of these in my collection. It's just a matter of finding stuff you like - yeah, right :-)

    And they could be old - the brown print (which was the end of the bolt and he tossed the whole thing in the bag as 3m - I thinks it's 4m) is from two years ago, but, seriously, who will know that ?


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