Friday, March 20, 2009

Comments on the Tee

Thanks for the comments on the tee, Ladies.

I wore it to work today, and it was very comfortable. But, let me tell you, it got noticed !!! I work in a casual office but we don't dress very exciting, I noticed today that there is very little pattern or texture in the women's clothes. Some, but not alot. The guys, of course, are just in pants and shirts for the most part.

Gwen - it was a conversation starter, for sure.
Trena - I'm not the rebel type by nature, but I'm gonna give it a try, carefully LOL :-)
Gaylen - the rose placement is a total fluke, lucky, huh? But if you notice, there is a headline "Agency to Promote Organ Donation" right at the bust line. I only noticed it later in the day today, but I could say I did it on purpose, no ? As to 'what's the worst that could happen'? well, I'm so not a rebel that I picture my machine exploding on me if I do anything wrong - it wouldn't, would it ?
Faye - you wouldn't have been alone, I got 'read' all morning ! It was pretty funny actually :-)


  1. I applaud you! I think it's a wonderful top. Enjoy it.

  2. I missed this post before. Wow that is one spectacular print and it looks great as a Tee.


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