Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've got Mine :-)

I took a walk at lunchtime and picked up my March BWOF. Yaaay, I've got my reading for the bus ride home tonight.

Can I just say again 'I LOVE my local dressmaker shop' - Garnitures Dressmaker Ltée !

They are very small and carry a bit of everything (sewing, beading, knitting, cross stitch). I can buy muslin either 112-150 cm wide in 5 or 10 meter lengths, at $12 or $15 dollars (last time I checked muslin was $9.99 at my chain fabric store). They have many different kinds of interfacing, including hair canvas and everytime I go in, I see something I didn't notice before - today I saw .... wigan.

Now, to be fair, before I needed wigan for my coat for the Great Coat Sewalong, I had no idea what it was :-( and so I would 'never' have noticed it in the store.

At that time though, quite a few of the participants did not have easy access to sourcing this item among other things and so Marji graciously sourced and put together packages for us so we would have what we needed to make our coats.

I now have my own source for the next time I need it (assuming that is, that I finish 'this' coat).

I know we are not in the league of New York for sewing supplies, but I am starting to realize just what a wonderful resource this little shop in downtown Montreal is - and since I only work about a block away, just how lucky I am. What will I find the next time I venture in ???


  1. I envy all of you who live close to fabric sources. Thank goodness for on-line shopping!

  2. Thank you so much for the award Claire You are too sweet. I don't have time tonight and I have to work tomorrow but I'll follow the instructions and pay it forward on Saturday. I'm so far behind. I haven't checked everyone's blog for a couple of weeks. I love doing that on Weekend nights so will do .Thanks again.

  3. That's awesome! One of these days I'm going to drive up to Montreal to check out - well, everything!

    I nominated you for a Sisterhood Award. :)

  4. That is lucky! I have G Street Fabrics, which is quite nice, but it is far away from me in the suburbs. I wish there were somewhere close in I could go!

  5. It's great that you have a local supplier to patronize. Ours closed some time ago, as did one of our 2 big chain stores, and so I'm left with only Joanns. Sad day. I'm jealous.

  6. I'm still trying to get to Montreal, maybe this summer :)

  7. Hi I nominated you for the Sisterhood Award - I know you have been nominated before, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the comments you have left on my blog! Hope you having a good weekend!


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