Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend's over

My goodness they go quickly ! Wasn't it Friday just yesterday ? :-)

Ah well, I intended to work on another t-shirt this weekend. I wanted to try another BWOF 2009-02, #108 to tweak it a bit and to get more practice on knits while it was still fresh.

We had a beautiful 2 days though, and I spent most of it either upstairs near the windows or outside (we took the puppies for the first walk of the season today - you can't walk a chihuahua in winter in Montreal).

I ventured downstairs after supper tonight and worked on my pattern pieces (forward shoulder adjustment of 1/2" and I adjusted the bust so it is on line with the 42 not the 40 as I'd originally made. The pieces are all cut out but now it's bedtime...I don't dare sew at 10pm.

In the meantime, I did ask DH to take pics of the first t-shirt. He is now nominated to take all my pictures - the only one I've taken was horrible - LOL - it's worth waiting for him to be available !

Now that it's been washed, the seams are a bit more wiggly. It's a color WAY outside my usual, so much so that the compliments I got were on the color not the t-shirt. That must be a good thing - no one asked if I'd made it.

I'll finish the next one and post pics once it's done.


  1. That's a great color! The top fits nicely; I'm not surprised that no one asked if you'd made it.

  2. OK, I'll comment on fit first. The shoulder/sleeve seam is great. Even in a t-shirt I like a set-in sleeve that sits on the shoulder, rather than dropped. It makes for such a nice line.

    The color is fabulous.

  3. It looks great. You did a good job with your first knit. Can't wait to see the next one. g

  4. I love the color. The fit is did a great job :)


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