Monday, May 23, 2011


*** 'lizabeth - now I know you're lurking - you're safe with this one - no butt pictures LOL ***

I didn't get back to the sewing room today. Went to the market to stock up on yard supplies / laundry (3 great days for line drying) / baking (oatmeal cookies and peanut butter cookies) / worked on 2 of the flower beds.

We've got 6 beds that need work in a bad way - I didn't do anything last year and they're overrun with grass and weeds. Today was the day to start.

All stocked up and ready to go...

I started on the bed that needed the least work-a quick fix I thought, NOT...

4 hours later...I'm pretty sure this is the first time that this bed has ever been mulched - will help with the weeding for sure :-)

In the meantime, hubby was working on the iris bed. This is 16 feet long by about 18 inches deep. I'd love to make it 2 feet deep or more but that's going to mean digging out a LOT of rocks ! This bed has yellow and purple irises, perennial geraniums and lots of grass. We have to dig it all up, clean out the weeds and divide what we're keeping, replace the edging and dig in some fertilizer and earth before replanting everything.

It started out like this...

...and after a lot of digging, it's about half done...the irises on the right are the ones I divided and will replant. Everything else is coming out (there are 3 geraniums in the bed I worked on - temporarily til they go back in with the irises)

Hubby found this hidden in the irises - our neighbour gave us a couple of raspberry stalks 3 YEARS AGO and they've been living neglected in this pot with a couple handfuls of dirt ever since. I figure anything that can survive that ought to be planted, no ? LOL

I decided to give veggies a go again this year. I picked up a yellow pepper/basil/regular tomato/cherry tomato
...have to clean out their bed before I can plant them though.

Still so much to do.

Back to work tomorrow for me.
Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. OMG thanks for the laugh. First fitting pants, now cleaning out neglected gardens. Yesterday my blog post, which is normally sewing, was garden related. It seems like we're living the same life. Even the house color is the same. :)

  2. I hope to get plants into the ground this weekend. That is, if it ever stops raining! Lucky you, it looks like you're not super soggy!

  3. Well, the garden looks great! I know how it can be, when you have plans to get into the studio and then the times just GOES with household chores!

  4. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments about my ESL class! The crying really shook me and it's a bit of a relief to hear from someone with experience on the other side that frustration and discouragement are normal and don't necessarily mean that I'm messing up... Thank you, Claire! :)


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