Saturday, May 21, 2011

HP - Plain (yes) & Simple (not so much)

Well, they fit at the waist and over the top of the bum but unless I'm misreading the problems, they're just overall too big.

The good - all the lines are straight, the knee line is AT my knee, that L-crotch does seem to be shaped like me.
The bad - too big, lots of folds - both front and back, you can't actually see the L-curve doing its thing because of the folds at the inseam.
The ugly - the front crotch - oooh boy !

My measurements put me in a size 14. After measuring the pattern pieces, I cut a 12. I almost cut the 10 but it required more confidence than I had :-). The vertical grainlines are thread traced, as well as the knee line - I forgot to trace the hip line. Both the zip and the waistband are basted on.

DH took distance and close up shots of all 4 sides. The front view is pretty gross. LOL. The back has lots of wrinkles, but they look different from the last pattern I was working with. They're all more vertical or diagonal rather than the horizontal bunching from before. At issue is the amount of fabric at the crotch - it's like wearing a diaper. Both front and back have too much fabric. Like about an extra inch, maybe more, of folds. Side seams from waist to hip are poochy. My hip is much flatter than most patterns, I think.

I've checked out my fitting books and online to see what do do about the extra folds but didn't find anything. Going on the basis of 'just too big', I think I'm going to recut them smaller - the size 10 may take out enough of the fullness to get a better picture.

So, without further ado...the first muslin.

As usual, I'm open to any suggestions.


  1. Hot Pattern, Size 10 !!! ;-)
    Yippy, Claire!!
    Hug, Rhonda (Size 16 !!! :-O

  2. I pulled your photos into an editing program so I could lightened up the pix and see the "problems".

    What is the fabric you are using?

    A front crotch that has too much fabric like that on me, requires an "L" shaped seam. I hesitate to go into more diagnosis here but will if you wish to email me. My email addy is on my blog


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