Sunday, May 22, 2011

HP - Plain and Simple Pants - 1st round of adjustments

I've been playing with this most of today. I'd decided to trace out the size 10 lines from just above the hip line. My hope was that this would give me a fit closer to 'me', keep all those nice straight lines intact and take in some of the crotch bagginess. It kind of worked.

Mary Beth so kindly pointed out that I might do well with an L-shaped front curve. I decided to cut the size 10 lines 'as is' and see what's what. Well, what's what wasn't good ! No evidence LOL

I scooped the front crotch into an L-shape and tried 'em on - a bit better but still saggy/baggy. Pinched out another wad and sewed another 'L'.

For the back, I dropped the CB seam down 1-inch and carried the 'L' over to the crotch point.
The good - I'm very happy with the (non)shaping over the hips (I'm just not really curvy LOL), very happy with the straight lines still being straight, very happy that the back wrinkles are less (just look at my right butt !!!).

The bad and the ugly all in one - There are still poochy folds both front and back although less.

I'm thinking now that I should shorten the crotch extensions - I can't think of any other way of getting rid of those folds.

More basting coming up...


  1. I'm fighting with pants fit right now too (muslin #12? 13?), although my problem is the opposite... too curvey.

    Somewhere in my internet research I found large and small buttocks adjustments. I think part of your problem may go away if you make a small buttocks adjustment. Sorry, but just this minute I can't say what that adjustment is supposed to be, but google "pattern adjustment buttocks" and you should find it.

  2. 'Lookin better 'n better!! ;)

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  4. I removed my first comment because I'm not sure it made sense - here is another go. I think you are on the right track by straightening the CF seam so it is more vertical (I would suggest making it almost completely vertical i.e. on grain). The problem with these pants is that the very slanted CF seam functions like a dart, and as you noticed you do not need all that fabric just there (and what woman does, Hot Patterns?????). However, you probably also have to remove depth at the front crotch hook. It looks like the leg width is about right so just get rid of the point of the triangle at the front inseam area. Make sense? If not send me an e-mail.


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