Friday, May 13, 2011

It's official ... and too funny :-)

I went to physio today for a lifelong knee pain which was helped by surgery 16 yrs ago and is giving me grief again.

I got a full evaluation, therapy which consisted of torturing my butt and leg muscles and was sent home with a bunch of exercises to strenghten the weakling muscles. I'm hopeful that they will help.

John now knows I sew. Odd that it would come up in conversation ? Maybe, but during the evaluation the following words were uttered - by him :

swayback, hyper-extended calves and forward tilted pelvis/hip LOL !!!

ya think ?

My self diagnosis, made with helpful advice from all of you and the kind folks over at PR, has been officially and medically confirmed.

Of course I couldn't resist and informed him that I knew most of that (forward tilt suspected but not yet in the list of fitting adjustments) and it made fitting pants a nightmare prompting him to have to wrap his brain around "you SEW your pants !?"

He has no idea the pics I've posted here :-)

All in all - too funny LOL

Now, I just have to get that in-progress pair finished...stay tuned.


  1. Claire!! That's YOU standing sideways in pants??? WOW!! WOWEY!!!
    You look GREAT!! In spite of your oucheys... :(
    Soft hug,

  2. You're making fantastic pants. Feel better.

  3. Thank you Claire. I cut another pair of pants last night.


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