Saturday, April 14, 2012

S2860 - to date, and what's next

I was going to sew up the pants 'as is' or at least 'as was' - at the state they were when I lowered the side seams on Monday.

Well, I've spent the last few days digging around the 'Net, PR and blogs for more research. On PR, in the Year Long Pants Sewalong thread, Barb has suggested scooping the back crotch. Since the crotch fit is SO comfy I was extremely reluctant to change it in ANY way !

I'd also been asked what happens if I stand with a wider stance. What happens ? The wrinkles go away - well, at least some of them do.

More research needed as this is twigging a thought in the old brain - it ain't what it used to be LOL. OK, somewhere in all the pants research last year I stumbled across a site/article/something that talked about legs needing to be centered in the 'tube' that is the pant leg - the analogy was pipes and tubes. I found it again the other day, forgot to bookmark it and promptly forgot how and where I found it - sorry. The light bulb in the brain was getting a bit brighter - I kept digging.

In the meantime, I decided it 'wouldn't hurt' to just baste the darn crotch a bit lower and see what happens. I lowered the back crotch and also lowered the waistband at CB.

Ick ! The age-old problem of fix one thing, affect another.
The front now has a camel - toe that wasn't there before - straight out of the envelope I felt the front was 'good to go' - looked and felt good. Now (sorry, blurry pic)…

Same problem on the sides - right leg twisty, left leg fine - this could be a grain line issue as I did not cut each piece separately. It's possible the underside could have been not quite straight. I had every intention of marking the grain lines but forgot til after DH took the pics and I was back in comfy yoga pants (darn memory !)

…and the back - from left to right… as is / with the CB tugged up a bit / and with CB tugged up a bit more.

I also made sure to stand in a comfortable width stance. Note I have NOT clipped the crotch seam at all - there's between 5/8" and 3/4" SAs in there. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not an accurate pic with all that fabric in the SAs, but remember I was just 'basting'.
Aha ! Belinda had a bunch of pants fitting posts. This one is the first in a series of 3 Sew4Fun - fitting 1. I linked this same post last Saturday but this week have read more closely through all her pants posts and I'm almost positive I need to shift these legs toward the inseam. I paid close attention during the last fitting and I can feel my legs touching the inseam - all the empty space seems to be a the side seam. My legs are not centered in these pipes LOL
Now ? I posted these pic in the Sewalong thread on PR and will see if there are any comments tonight, but
  • I'm going to trash this pair instead of finishing them 'just because' - I'm only playing with $5 worth of fabric here and that 5 bucks has already provided me with 2 weeks of entertainment. Plenty enough bang for the buck without stressing over having to end up with a finished garment.
  • So far, I've cut an 8 inseam, 10 side seam, let out and lowered the side seams 1/4", lowered back crotch curve 1/4" and lowered CB 1/2".
Before I play with the pattern and cut a new muslin, I'll clip the crotch curve and take another pic.

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  1. If you're a member of the FabricsAndNotions co-op on Yahoo! groups, Ressy has mentioned pipes and tubes. I believe she referenced the Minot method, which is also what Debbie Cook references in some of her posts. There might be a document at the F&N site with the pipes and tubes information.


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