Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Post #2 - A Little Less Phooey

Making progress. Thanks for all the comments/advice so far.

I figured the best place to start was to loosen up those waist/hip side seams. I let them out 1/4" which gave me 1" more room.

Front - the wrinkles on either side of the bottom of the zip changed some - not sure if I need to deal with these or are they normal ?

Left/Right sides - left side seam goes pretty much straight down center of leg - right side seam moves forward (last year my legs were twisting forward and Sew-4-Fun (link goes directly to her pants fitting post) suggested to shift the legs - is it possible to need to shift the leg of only ONE leg ?)

Back - diagonal wrinkles are still there, not helped at all by the extra bit of ease. Need to lower the side seams a bit but I only have the waistband attached with a 5/8" seam so not much to play with. Question - if this works, do I make this adjustment to the pattern by adding a horizontal wedge at or above the hip line ? Where exactly ? or do I just add it to the top at the waist edge ?

Back close-up - still lots of wrinkles but for some reason they don't looks as discouraging as they used to. Maybe because I see all diagonal lines, rather than the mess of horizontal, diagonal and vertical that existed in the pants last year. I look at this and really think an addition to the side seams should/could fix them.

Any more thoughts - am I way off base ?


  1. Hi there, first let me say how great it is that you are posting your pant fitting journey it will help so many other people. I have been doing the whole pant fitting thing for a few years now and whilst I still have quite a few issues I have made some progress. Take these comments as suggestions as I am no expert so don't want to lead you up the garden path :) Your wrinkles look a lot the same as mine. I am wondering if your knees are pushed backwards and you have extended calves. On your first picture there is a little bagging at your front knees and on your side view your knees seem pushed back some what and the fabric gets caught up on the calves and doesn't let it hang freely. I have been working on mine for a long time and still don't have it right. I also wonder if you have a little to much length in the back of the thigh - have a look at Debbie Cooks post about the fish eye dart. Your pants are so close to being perfect and always remember they will always be better than others on the street. Good luck.

  2. Looks like you have this pants fitting thing down to a scientific T.

  3. Pants are the most difficult to fit, because you have not only width and length, but the depth of the crotch curve to deal with. If you watch Peggy Sager's webcasts on pants (or jeans) fitting at her website:, she address some of those wrinkle issues. Oh, love your pink socks!

  4. I know nothing about fitting pants; so sorry. I do have to admire your diligence in making these pants work! I can't wait to see the finished product.

    And thank Bob for the pictures for us. Happy Easter Monday to both of you (and Skippy and Alex, of course).


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