Monday, June 16, 2008

April Project - McCalls 3341

Next up was McCalls 3341, View C - Just below the knee. This was faster, I wanted it for a specific date and only took a week to do. I know, I know if I was quicker at this, it would be a one day project, but not yet.

It's comfortable, but loose. All my measurements say I should be making size 16, but so far everything is a bit big. On every skirt I've made in the past few years, I take in side seams til they fit. I'm going to have to try size 14 and see what happens. Murphy's Law - 14 will probably be too tight ;-)

I would have shown a picture of me wearing it, but the zipper stuck in the 2nd wash and now I have to replace it. Mending already !

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