Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pictures - M4399

Let's start at the beginning - except for a couple pairs of sleep pants, I started sewing again in January 2008.

I wanted to make DH a shirt...M4399, View C.

The darn thing took 8 weekends ! I'm slow, picky, anal, pick a word...anyway, I don't think there's a seam on this shirt that wasn't picked out and resewn at least once. But, it fits and he likes it. I will make him some more. Here are the pics (I hope).

Ta da - the whole shirt

The collar - On the neck, it's matched up at CB, not so much at the front edges, but I did manage to cut & sew it so the stripes on the collar itself are the same on both front edges.

The cuff - not as hard as I thought it would be, but the continuous lap placket was another story. I sewed and undid one 5 times til I gave up - any more attempts and the material would've fallen apart. So both sleeve plackets are wonky, but they're almost exactly the same, I didn't lose any sleep over it - much - but will practice more.

The pocket - stripes nicely lined up with the shirt front, it was the first thing a friend (male) noticed - the pocket disappears into the shirt - Yaayy !
I will say, I'm very happy overall with this first attempt.


  1. Fantastic shirt!!! You are the only one who would ever notice the plackets and I'll bet they are better than you think. You did a wonderful job matching the pattern.

  2. Thanks Claire - I was just so glad he liked it ! I got this picture thing down now, I'll post another project tonight.

  3. Claire - in the first 3 pics were you able to see that the fabric is striped ? It shows perfectly on my monitor at home, but here at work, the shirt looks black - I can't see any detail at all !


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