Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Sewing Tonight

If Detroit wins tonight, I will win the pool at work and another woman will come in 2nd...neither of us follows hockey and there will be some gloating rights if we beat the guys (those who made all their choices after analyzing everything !) - gotta go watch - right now Detroit 2, Pittsburgh 1....


  1. OMG! You like the RED WINGS and you sew!

  2. oh oh - ok I'd better be completely honest here. I like the Red Wings 'today' :-) - I DID win the pot. But my actual first pick was the Canadiens (3 of my 4 brothers as well as 1 of my sisters would probably string me up if I picked any other team LOL) - Since they fell apart in round 2, I had to go with the flow & rethink my picks.

  3. Winning the pot...congratulations! My DH has still not recovered his sadness at the Whalers leaving CT. It broke his heart and he never bonded with another team. Whalers fans cannot become Bruins fans. Similar to the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry. ;o)

  4. It's a sports thing, my Dad roots for the Maple Leafs, 1 brother - the Bruins, all the others the Canadiens & none of them would switch either - It does provide some interesting rivalries when any of those teams play each other and my family is together to watch LOL

    Tonight...sewing...or prep (Carolyn very kindly answered my questions about prepping wool, I think I'm going to have to try that London Shrink mether)...or ironing...something in the sewing room anyway.


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