Sunday, June 8, 2008

List Partially Done

I didn't get everything done, but more than I expected. I knew writing it down was a good thing - a kick in the pants, so to speak.

So, along with all the regular weekend chores that weren't on the list, but had to be done anyway...

Gardening - DONE

Baking - Oatmeal cookies in the cookie jar - DONE

Sewing -

Coat - true up grain & start the London Shrink on the wool flannel - DONE, the flannel is almost dry & ready to go.
Cut, press and measure the pattern pieces; cut out muslin - To Do

Capris - finish them (fly zipper & outside seams - DONE
Waistband & bottom legbands w/buttons - In Progress)


  1. I'm jealous! What did I get done...absolutely nothing!!
    The AC wasn't put in my sewingroom until Saturday night and there was no way I was spending the day in there without it. Sunday, we had a birthday party for our neighbors 1-yr old twins. So, an unproductive weekend indeed.
    Oh, and the self-tanner I blogged about worked FANTASTIC! I used it Sat & Sun and my legs took pretty dark and even. I did have to use an exfoliator (sp?) on parts of my feet (I messed them up) ;o)

  2. I'm very lucky - when we bought our house, the 2 things my DH insisted on were a garage and central air/heat thermopump. The one thing I insisted on was a dedicated craft room (priorities, huh LOL) - So my sewing room is in the basement and actually is the coldest room in the house, good in the summer, not so good in the winter.
    I would have gotten the capris finished except I have to read everything twice and fiddle with all the pieces so I don't sew the wrong pieces on the wrong sides ! Duh ! been there, done that.


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