Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My First Post

Well, I`ve bit the bullet and joined the ranks of the bloggers. Whether or not my posts will be of interest to anyone else is secondary (although it would be nice to know if they ARE :-).
What I would like is to keep these notes (& pictures if I figure out how to include them) as a diary or journal of what I sew.

I've done some sewing in the past, but the projects were few and far between. I lay claim to the title of 'world's slowest sewist' even though I've seen others say the same.

During the 1990`s I made curtains, moved on to simple skirts, a dress and actually made 2 pairs of pants before I realized I am supposed to be afraid to them :-) - They fit and I wore them a couple of years til I outgrew them - now, how WELL they fit I don't know, but I will definitely be making pants again. My inseam is just a shade longer than standard RTW, sleeves too.

OK - so I decided this past Fall that I wanted to sew more - I discovered blogs and oh, boy, internet fabric sites !!!! Blogs, I lurked - Fabric Sites, I shopped - Now I MUST sew, I have a STASH.

In January, I decided I would start simple - a shirt for my DH (did I say simple ?, buttonholes, collars, sleeve plackets, oh boy) - he prefers t-shirts but, I wanted to make a shirt, so he got a shirt - it took 2 months ! He very patiently modeled while I measured & fitted and gave lots of encouragement while I sewed (slowly, and almost every seam twice)...Hubby, who does not prefer shirts said 'the next one will be easier' - I guess he wants more. He saved it for a wedding a short time later and proudly told anyone who commented on it that I made it - Cool.

A LOT of credit goes to Liana (Sew Intriguing) - my printout of her shirtmaking tutorial was dog-eared by the time I finished. Her shirts are amazing !

Now, I've joined Marji's coat sew-along - we start now (June 1), work on it through the summer and have a finished coat by end of September, we'll see....

I picked Vogue 8346, View A in a charcoal wool flannel, underline with cotton flannel and possibly lined with Kasha (I'm even learning the terminology) - the plan is to work on it slowly enough to also be able to work on other projects at the same time, yeah, right.

Well, I do have a pair of capris from Ottobre 2/2007 that I'm in the middle of - I think they might even fit - and I want to finish them - BEFORE summer is over.

So for now, I need to try to figure out how to insert pictures, links, etc...& after checking the preview on this post, I HAVE to learn how to tell a `short`story - LOL, oh well, apparently I`m as much a chatterbox typing as I am talking.


  1. Hi Claire, thanks for stopping by my blog. I started mine to hold me accountable since my nature is to procrastinate and dream more than actually doing something. ;o)

    I like the name of your blog and the layout you chose. I'm teaching myself to slow down and take it "1 seam at a time". You'll be my inspiration.

    I checked your "about me" and I forgot to list the Harry Potter movies under my favorites. Are you sure you're really a Scorpio and not a Libra? Your interests are similar to mine. It must be the name. ;o)

    I'm adding you to my blogroll. Apparently, I talk too much when I'm writing and I'm now blogging in your blog. Oops!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. oh Lordy, were we twins in a past life ? My reasoning for the blog was the same as yours, procrastination is my enemy number 1 ! I don't have to 'teach' myself to slow down - I have to kick myself in the butt to get going - LOL

    Thanks for the comment ! and on my first post too. I'll add you to my blogroll as well, just as soon as I figure out how to set it up (are we supposed to ask people's permission to add to our blogrolls ?)

    Have a great one ! :-)

  3. Me again...back to blogging in your blog. ;o) No, you don't have to ask permission. I know I'm honored when someone adds me to thier blog so I imagine they are also honored.

    To play with your blog, look in the upper right corner way at the top and click on the "Customize" link. This is where you can play with adding items. I'm such a computer dunce and I actually was able to figure it out. I do admit it took a few times. I should probably email you the instructions so I don't take up all this space in your comments.

    Oh, and yes we probably were twins in another life. Too funny. I still think you're a Libra. LOL!!! I actually don't pay much attention to "the signs" but darn if we aren't all somewhat like the "sign" we are born under.

  4. PS. when I said slow down...I also tend to want to just get it done once I decide to do something. This usually has me in a mess with nothing lining up. So, I need to kick my butt and then slow down and enjoy the process.

    Now I really will stop blogging in your blog....for tonight. ;o)

  5. Feel free to comment Claire, no problem. I've been playing with this during intermissions & commercials and I think I managed to mess up my colors. When I type the post, the font and colors are off, so I tried to fix them. When I finally gave up and just hit Publish, they came up fine, except the text color because I changed it manually and I guess it overrode the actual default - live & learn LOL
    AND I got a blogroll started !!! It'll probably take me a week to add on all the ones I keep up with now. This is going to take away from the sewing time - oh, oh

  6. Congratulations on getting your blogroll going. When I created my first long list I opened my blog and in a separate window I opened the blog of someone I wanted to copy links from. Then one by one I would click a link and copy/paste the address of the blog I wanted to add into my blogroll. Then I would click the "Back" button and go to the next blog name..and so on...and so on. There might be an easier way, but this worked well for me.


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