Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Coat's a Bust ...

No, not forever, I haven't given up on it !

BUT...Christmas is just around the corner and as I've mentioned, my big dinner is next weekend ... the to do list as it stands now is:
  • Put up Christmas Tree
  • Put up Decorations
  • Finish gifts for 13 people (5 couples, 3 singles) - everything in varying stages of completion but none done.
  1. 8 tins of cookies - still 3 kinds to make
  2. knitting - what I decided to do last month (2/3 done)
  3. sewing - what I decided to do last week (1/2 done)
  4. more sewing - what I decided to do last night (hmm, just started)
WHAT was I thinking ?! (on the bright side - on Sunday I almost added PJ pants to my sewing to do list and reined myself in - all by myself LOL)
  • Wrap said gifts (cannot post pics yet, I'm not 110% positive that no-one knows about this blog so I don't want to take any chances.)
  • Grocery shopping for dinner - I DO have the turkey
  • Baking for dinner (tentatively a couple pies, couple cheesecakes, lemon pudding w/fruit & marshmallows, ice cream (from scratch this year ?) & COOKIES)
  • Cooking dinner is a 2-man deal, after 15 years, DH & I have the assembly line down to a science now.

Plus the things I still have to do and have forgotten at the moment. 8 days and counting.....

All that adds up to absolutely no coat progress any time soon. I won't get to even touch it before Dec 15th - just about the time everyone else starts to panic in preparation for Christmas !


  1. I gave up on finishing my family room drapes. Maybe for Easter. I'm trying out eggnog ice cream. Look for it next week; you might just love it!

  2. oh, oh, oh, eggnog ice cream !!! Will definitely try that one - and you've just reminded me, I've got a recipe for eggnog cookies, hmmm, they're on the list now.

  3. You do have lots to do.... I'm sure your coat will get done before the winter is over ;) enjoy getting ready for your big dinner. My husband and I have the assembly line thing down to a science too! It's soooo nice having such a great kitchen helper to share such an undertaking :) and he cooks an awesome turkey :)))
    Enjoy your dinner!

  4. You're right Ann, It's so nice to not have to do all of this meal by myself ! DH helps with prep, clesn up, decorating, everything ! And the turkey is his too - I just stuff it then it's all his for cooking.


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