Saturday, April 4, 2009

A catch-up post

I started this post on Monday when I got back, but boy, things got busy this week ! I spent a bit of time each day working on it. Here goes...

The party

Well, the party was a rousing success ! My aunt had a great time and spent 2 full hours greeting everyone in the receiving line. No breaks - one person suggested a break. Miss some of the party ? I don't think so ! He didn't suggest it again - LOL !

I heard by way of the grapevine that she was concerned not many people would attend - last count of the guestbook was 293. That doesn't count the ones who didn't sign and the ones who signed 'and family', so well over 300 people all of them cousins at one level or another. Even knowing my family is huge, it's a funny thing to walk into a reception hall and be related to every single person there.

Here she is with my Dad and one of my sisters - lookin' good for 100 years old, no ?

and with my younger brother - handsome guy, isn't he ?
hmmm, don't tell him I said so, I think it's against sibling rules LOL :-)

After the party some of us went back to my other sister's place (remember, there's 8 of us !)
We don't get together often, so when we can, we make the most of it. There were lots of silly faces in the pics that night, this one's not too bad. Only 5 of us in this one.

The shopping

As is my habit, there was a visit to Fabricville. And I bought.....N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

I think it's a first and DH had a hard time believing I came home empty-handed. Well, almost...

At Christmas, I bought a few balls of Koigu sock yarn but have not yet attempted a sock. This trip I stumbled upon a yarn store uptown and decided then and there that it was time to get started - of course that required all the supplies:

A pattern, a set of 2.75mm bamboo dpn's and a 100g ball of Opal in the Crazy pattern/colorway (OMG $18.99/ball !!!)

After a test swatch that told me I should probably be using 3mm needles, I cast on anyway. My foot is long (size 9) but narrow. It should fit. If not, I'll undo it and start again. At this price, I'm not giving them away - who knew the cost of sock yarn !!! And WHY do I make the first attempt with Opal yarn and not the much less expensive Koigu ?

This is where they are now were on Wednesday - the pattern is nothing like the display sock, but I'll keep going and see what happens. My first time with bamboo needles - they're great :-)

and THIS is where they were yesterday - just about 6" long. I took this pic right before I started the instructions for the heel

That was it for the trip, hmmm, what else ?

March Wrap-up - only the newsprint tee. Not much to require a wrap-up post, but if there is one completed object per month, that will be a very successful year for me.

BWOF - picked up the April issue today - the first time it was available before the 1st of the month. There a few things that caught my eye. Now that I've made one BWOF item, there are more to come.

I think that's it for now - I wouln't have missed my aunt's party for the world, but I'm GLAD to be back home.


  1. Your aunt looks awesome for 100 yrs old.Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and party. How nice to be with so many family members. I don't think I've been to Fabricville in St John, Moncton/Fredericton yes.
    How is the St John one compared to stores in your area?

  2. Your Aunt does look awesome. Thanks for the comment on my jacket. You can still sew a swap with one garment per month.

  3. Sounds like the party was fabulous. Glad you had a good time.

    As for the socks - we knit them to relax - not to save money. And you do know you need one hank of koigu per sock, right? Making it right up there with the cost of Opal for a pair. At least you get a pair with opal. Your sock is looking great!

    I liked many of the same things in the April WOF. Gotta get busy sewing. g

  4. Claire the party sounds like a resounding success. I have seven siblings as well so I know how those get togethers are. (And we are all on good terms with each other ,a fact that use to make my mother proud.)
    But I can't believe you could go to Fabricville and not buy a thing!I'm dissappointed in you.LOL


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