Monday, April 13, 2009

A Woman's Perogative

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. It was very quiet here at our place...but after a pretty busy week last week, it was just what we wanted.
For me, a bit of, knitting, sewing, shopping.

Cooking - So, what do you think of my Peach Ice Cream?
Not quite the expected 'peachy' color, you say ?

Well, as the title hints...I changed my mind :-)

THIS is Marjie's Apple Pie Ice Cream !

It's very good - I have only one problem with it. The darn stuff tastes like it needs a scoop of Vanilla to go with it. Whoever heard of apple pie 'without' vanilla ice cream ? LOL !!!

Sewing - On the sewing front, this weekend, I didn't actually finish anything, but I 'did' trace and cut out BWOF 2009-04 (#112). I just have to finish rethreading the serger and I can get started. Maybe it won't take too long and there will be a finished pic before Friday.

Knitting - The 2nd sock - I'm now on the last couple of decreases before I do the instep

Shopping - I went back to Fabricville - 'nuff said...MUST. SEW. LOTS. MORE (must also stop going to the fabric store !)


  1. My husband wanted to take me to Fabricville today, I said
    "No I don't really need anything" :0

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

  3. Ann, can you loan me some of that willpower ? Apparently, I have none of my own.

    Gwen, only more perfect if I'd actually got started on the actual sewing !

  4. My husband has forbidden me to darken the doorstep of any fabric store until I reduce my stash *sob*! I can't believe Ann would pass up an opportunity to do sanctioned sewing! I loved the apple pie ice cream, too! So glad you tried it.


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