Monday, April 20, 2009

The Socks are Finished

First, thanks for the compliments on the latest tee and for the comments & advice on sewing with the slippery stuff ! I'll give these tips a try...tacking or pinning the ends first should help the uneven start and Ann, I checked out the video on the neckline. Thanks alot ! That is really clear on how to make the band fit - where it needs to stretch more and where not so much. The link was bookmarked right away :-)

As I'd hoped, I worked on the 2nd sock in the car during our drive to Toronto. I had turned the heel and done the orange and the dark grey stripes. It's a pointy toe and needed to be decreased until only 2 stitches were on each needle - I wasn't taking a chance on dropping any stitches while the car was moving so I safely stopped just before the end and did the last couple of decreases once we arrived.

Pattern: Briggs & Little Fine Socks (As a New Brunswicker, I feel kinda happy that my first pair was from a New Brunswick company - supporting local business & all that)
Yarn: Opal Crazy # 1903
Needles: 2.75 mm

And, on me... my goodness, it's hard to take pictures of your own feet ! LOL!


  1. Looks like Gaylen's sock pictures. Glad I don't have to take pictures of my feet! Congrats on making good use of drive time; that can't ever happen for me, because I'm always driving. Hubby is certain that if a speeding ticket is to be had, it won't be had by me!

  2. :) CUte socks.
    I'm glad you liked her video. I've never had a bad neckband since I use her method.

  3. Great socks! I've just recently gotten into knitting socks--lots of fun. Unfortunately I can't do activities while riding in the car--motion sickness.

  4. Nice socks! Nothing like hand knitted socks. And, that's knitting that you can do in the summer, since it's small and not all piled up on your lap.


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