Friday, April 10, 2009

More Fabric = a Weekend Project

Like alot of people, I'm off work today for the long weekend. I've got a multitude of things I'd like to do, but at my speed of progress it certainly won't all get done.

The 2nd sock is coming along...not as quickly as the first, but last weekend I cheated and just knit for a WHOLE day ! That was a lot of progress on the 1st sock at one time ! This one is being knit in the car going to work in the morning - that's only about 1/2 hour at a time.

I'm about to try Marjie's Peach Ice Cream. The peaches are thawed and ready to start. Hopefully, it will turn out as good as Marjie's looks :-)

On the sewing front...I haven't done any since I finished the last tee (almost a month ago, Yikes!) Granted my weekends have been busy and there was a weekend away, but, still...

This morning I was out and it just so happens that Fabricville is at the other end of the mall where I went for my groceries - isn't that JUST so convenient ? LOL ! Anyway, yes I bought something.

They are just remnants and since I'm a card carrying member, remnants are buy 1, get 2 (you pay for the most expensive).

In this case, they were all larger than noted on the tags and the most expensive was the blue @ $3.21.

People, the total for what I measured to be 5 m of fabric was $3.68 !!!!!

The blue cotton and the plaid will be skirts and the knit print, a top.

I'm hoping to have one of these done this weekend.

Oh, and BTW, Diana, you'll be pleased to know that I plan another trip to Fabricville either later today or tomorrow ! I'm trying to only pick up fabric that will go with something I already own (the remnants from today qualify) and while I was in NB, I didn't have any info with me (measurements or swatches for color). Now, I've got all the info as well as 2 of the $15 off coupons I rec'd with my last purchase, which are only good until Sunday. BWOF 02-2009 has so many interesting things - I should be able to get fabric for 4 projects this weekend.


  1. I'm up and running again, and darn happy about it! I hope you love your peach ice cream as much as we did - it was gone in about 2 days. Happy Easter, Claire!

  2. Can't wait to see your peach ice cream - screams summer, no?

    Will look forward to seeing new stuff coming out of your sewing room. I haven't plugged my machine in since the retreat. I'm blaming it on new tv coming in and the upcoming window replacement which will really mess up my sewing studio. g


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