Friday, April 17, 2009

BWOF 2009-04 (112)

I haven't quite got the hang of sewing knits yet, but it's a wearable tee.

The fabric is one of the remnants I bought & posted last week. It's a VERY slippery fabric ! I had a very hard time getting the seams started on the serger evenly. The top layer didn't 'catch' until the bottom layer was already about 3/8" started. I'll have to practice to figure it out.

I like this one a bit better than the boatneck tee from BWOF 2009-02. I made a straight 42 with no changes and I like the looser fit through the body. It's got raglan sleeves so I figured the narrow shoulders wouldn't really be much of an issue.

I wasn't sure how to do a forward shoulder adjustment on raglan sleeves. Now I have an idea how to do it on the next version.

The neck on the boatneck tee was just fold under and topstitch, this one has a separate neckline sewed on. It's really floppy, not sure what I did wrong.

Don't like the finished length of the sleeves. I DO like the bottom attached cuff although next time I'll probably make it a bit shorter. On this one, I'll just push the sleeves up. I wore it all day today. The wearability factor is very good - I did NOT spend the day tugging at it :-)

Oh, and I used a longer stitch (3.5 instead of 2) for the twin stitching on the hem, MUCH better !

Front view


It's so nice to take pics outside now - spring's here !

Tomorrow morning we leave early for our trip to Toronto (about 5-1/2 hours). I'm going to bring my socks with me and maybe I'll get the second one done during the drive.


  1. Nice! I like this style and the neckline. :)

  2. It looks like you did a good job handling a cranky fabric! Knits requirea bit of practice-working with stretcy fabric and elastic at one time.

  3. It came out great! When I'm serging slippery knits, I run pins inside the seamline, parallel to it, for the first couple of inches, so it can't slide out of square. And sometimes when serging on a separate finish for the neckline, I find that if you pull the fabric that's being attached just a bit, it causes the whole thing to pull together a bit better, and eliminates the floppy factor. Have fun in Toronto!

  4. This is one of the patterns I liked too in this issue. I like your print and it does fit you nice. I use the Sarah Veblen way to apply the neckline band to knits. You never get floppy neck bands.
    (I may have mentioned her method once or twice before ;) I really like it.)

  5. On slippery fabrics I've found I have to tack the beginning of the seam together with the sewing machine before taking it to the serger. If you discover an easier fix, please share! I like the top.

  6. This is a really nice top Claire.And sewing with slippery fabrics really make us appreciate cotton and linen, doesn't it?
    Spring really is here in the Maritimes!It was over 20 degrees today.


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