Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dogs on Thursday

There's nowhere to sit in my house - The dogs have overrun the place !!!

Skippy, my fluffball Pom is at the bottom of the pic.
Alex, my Chi is just above him.

Next, we have Sophia Rachel and Lester Jerome (oh yes, their real names !)

Apparently, Alexandra and Skippy are very boring names or so we've been told by the owners of Miss Sophie and Lester. Their last dog was called Bertram Aloysius Dog - I kid you not. He was part Chihuahua, part Jack Russell and an absolute sweeheart.

Soph and Lester are Alex's full siblings from the previous litter, they're 7 months older than her.
They live in Toronto with their humans who happen to be on a 12 day cruise at the moment. We're babysitting - does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? a cruise, ... or babysitting ? hmmm

Anyway, they have been with us now for 2 weeks and on Saturday we will all pile in the van to take them back home. I'm sure they will be glad to see their owners and I know our friends will be very happy to have them back home. We, on the other hand, are going to miss them !

Skippy & Alex

Depth perception is misleading. When Sophie's next to the laundry basket, the basket is taller.

Lester never looked up from his chewie - not once.


  1. Skippy and Alex are so cute! Your visitors are nice, too. As for the long, interesting names, well, you don't call them by that anyway, so why confuse the matter?


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