Sunday, May 24, 2009

Airing the Laundry, or.............I wear what I Sew

I LOVE doing laundry in the summer ! 1st, the machine does all the work anyway, all I have to do is hang it up and wait. Yesterday, my usual laundry day, was not good for the line so I crossed my fingers and waited til today. It's a perfect day for the clothesline, a full load dry every 1.5 hours or so.

And what does this have to do with sewing you might ask?

Well, look below and you will see that, without a doubt, I wear what I sew. This is what my line looks like right now. 5 pieces hanging all together that I've made so far and worn in the last week or so. You will recognize some of them. You won't recognize the polka dot skirt. That's my 3rd M3341 that I mentioned but never posted. Hmm, I never realized how different all my skirts are in length.

It's a large picture...I was going to crop it, but if you look waaaay down to the bottom left corner, you'll see my puffball, Skippy. He follows me just about everywhere, especially outside - one never knows when the human might throw the ball - LOL !

I'm working on BWOF 04-2009-101 today, it's tough though. My thermometer reads 26°C in the back - I wonder if I could plug my SM into the external outlet on the deck ? :-)

Probably (for sure) won't get it done today, but there will be 'some' progress.


  1. Hey, great view out your back door! Green grass, blue skies and laundry on the line. So much better than snow and ice!

  2. I so want a clothes line. Isn't that crazy? g

  3. I have to hang my clothes indoors to dry as I live in a condo, but hanging dry is definitely best!

  4. Nice yard. As long as the pups can't reach the clothes line to make a comfy bed, you're good!

  5. Claire,I've been thinking of doing just that this summer-sew outside on the deck. I'm not an outdoors person but I want to be sure to take full advantage of summer after the Winter we've just had.
    Funny you should talk about wearing what you sew. Since Swap, I've been very aware of what I do and don't wear and have decided to only sew the type of things I do wear.


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