Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Mini Wardrobe ?

Today I spent some time with my collections (fabric and patterns).

I tried to pick out fabrics that 'go together' and then patterns that go with them AND each other - NOT an easy task ! Also, my mind's eye just doesn't seem to see a finished product very well. I can't picture something done, until it's done. Sewing a cohesive wardrobe is going to be hit or miss.

These are the fabrics I picked...from left to right:
  • Blue cotton twill (remnant from Fabricville, it's almost a full 2 meters and is pretty lightweight)
  • Grey interlock knit (from, just over 1 meter) - my monitor makes it look kind of mauve but it's definitely grey
  • Black/Blue Flower Print, 100% poly (Fabricville, 3.3 meters)
  • Black stretch twill (FabricMart mystery bundle, 3.5 meters, a somewhat heavier weight than the blue twill)
I think they go together ok - If I'm WAY off base, please say so !!!

And here's a storyboard -

There's only enough grey knit to make one of the t-shirts. None of the other knits I have 'go' with this grouping, so it's got to be the grey, and I've have to pick one tee.

Colorwise, I think both tops would go with the 3 skirts.
But do the patterns ?

Any opinions are very welcome.


  1. Looks like you have a cohesive grouping. If I were making this wardrobe, I would throw in an accent color--something bright, like may hot pink--for accessories.

  2. I like the fabric combo you have put together and the patterns you have chosen are lovely.

    I think either T-shirt works well with the 3 skirts, but BWOF 2008-11-125 could also more easily be worn under BWOF-2009-02-125 if you leave the blouse unbuttoned, giving yet another outfit. I say this because that T-shirt is almost sleeveless and so it would fit under the blouse with less bulkiness.

  3. Nice storyboard, very nice patterns. My opinion: I'd go with the right T-shirt pattern. I think the lines on the other T-shirt are rather "edgy" and would not go as well with the full skirt. It might be all right with the A-line skirt, but I still think the right T-shirt would look nicer.

  4. I also think the right tee shirt would be better with the full skirt. I too would throw in a bright accent color, but I think all of the colors you have chosen are great together!

  5. I love the plan! I completely ignored that 11-2008-125 tee in November but it is so cute! I'm glad you drew my attention to it.


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