Thursday, May 21, 2009

Told ya it was blue LOL

I HAVE to learn to wait for DH for pics. He took these for me this morning before work.

I wore both the tee and the skirt to work today.
The wearability factor is awesome !
Very comfortable, I LOVE the wide yoke, and while I thought (am positive) the skirt is 100% cotton, I expected it to wrinkle but it didn't at all and I spent all day sitting at the computer today. I think this one's going to be a summer favorite.

It received quite a few comments/compliments today. There are a few ladies in the office who know I sew, so anything new gets ' did you make it ?'. One of them just found out today that I'd made the newsprint tee and was shocked. Where she thought I would've found anything RTW in that fabric is beyond me, but, it's flattering and kinda cool :-)

One question...tee tucked in or out (since I added a bit of length to it, it might be a tad too long to wear untucked).

Tomorrow, I'm done at 11:30 am and this weekend's plans include some progress on the next skirt - the black twill BWOF 04-2009-101. I thought I had it all traced out, but I guess I missed a couple pieces. Will trace the last 2 pieces tomorrow, cut them out and see how far I get before supper.


  1. Great outfit! I vote for T tucked in - you look slimmer.

  2. Very flattering skirt. Your legs look super long with the shirt tucked in. Much prefer that look.

  3. Oh, I love that skirt! I'm with Shannon - the tucked in tee is slimming, but the wide waistband does a lot for slimming, too. Wonderful work!

  4. Love it. It does look like a cool summer outfit!

  5. Excellent! Tuck in, definitely!

  6. Wonderful skirt! Definitely tucked in- but you might try to have the shirt out and pull it up a bit- gathering it.


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