Saturday, May 2, 2009

I found a hole ...

in my wardrobe...

My last post was 2 weeks ago, not much productivity around here lately. The weather is turning nice and I've been spending my time upstairs where it's brighter. The garden is starting to green-up, there's some cleanup to be done and FINALLY it's nice enough to use the clothesline ! I wait all winter to be able to put my laundry out on the line again. There's nothing like it.

Last Monday, it was about 10 degrees when I left for work. By early afternoon it had shot up to 29 ! How on earth do you dress for that ? The morning needed a jacket and all I had to wear with my nice summery skirt & top was either a fleecy or a windbreaker that I usually wear with jeans. It was a fashion disaster, let me tell you ! LOL !

So, I need a spring-weight jacket/sweater/shirt to wear with summery clothes. Have to think on it.

In the meantime, while I've not been sewing, I HAVE been thinking about sewing :-) and doing some cleanup in the sewing room. With a couple of BWOFs traced out and lying around (and plans to make more), I figured I'd better decide pretty quickly how I'm going to store them. The pieces are now all sorted - all pertinent info, including adjustments are marked on each piece and each one is safely in a labelled ziplock bag, awaiting my next big decision (binders or boxes).

'Planned' (optimistic, aren't I LOL) sewing projects include:

  • BWOF 2009-02 (118) Tee with puffed sleeves - I'll be sure to make use of all the hints on patternreview re: the sleeves.
  • Quite some time ago, DH brought home a company tote bag from one of his customers. It was the perfect size to carry to work with my lunch, a book, small knitting project,etc.and so I claimed it. It's lived a good life and is now falling apart, I need a new one.
  • Patternreview has a Mini Wardrobe Contest for May - you have to make 4 items to go with 1 item you already own to get 6 outfits. I've never joined a contest...don't know if I can finish 4 things in a month...but I'd like to do this. I think I'll go pull some fabric from the collection and see what I can find. Maybe I'll attempt some sort of storyboard.
My new socks were put through their paces yesterday, I wanted to wear them at least once before putting them away til the fall. They were SO comfy !

Now I want socks in summerweight yarn. Been checking out different patterns and techniques on Ravelry (I'm Skippydoo) and decided with one pair under my belt, I'm ready to try something new. Next pair ... toe-up, 2 at once, magic loop (alright, alright, lots of something new LOL)

I went looking locally for a long circular needle and what did I find ?

A wonderful yarn store practically just around the corner from work !!! Can't ever leave my job - BWOF , 1 block one way and a LYS 10 minutes the other, WoW. They were extremely helpful and the young lady who works there introduced me to another lady who happens to be a blogger AND is also on Ravelry (lacemaven). This is the first time I've met someone from onlin, in person. OMG, she took me all around the store and explained so much stuff to me, we spoke for I'm sure 1/2 hour. Thank you, Colette!

The yarn was tempting, but this time I only went in for needles and this is what I got:

a new set of bamboo dpns, 2.5mm
an AddiTurbo, 40"(100cm), 2.75mm

Now all that remains is to figure out how to cast on for two socks on the one needle. So far I have attempted (and failed miserably at had a few minor technical difficulties with) Judy's Magic Cast-on, Figure 8 & Turkish cast on. The needles are so slippery, everything just keeps falling off. Any ideas anyone?

Time to stop, I'm sure I've bored you all silly by now. I'm absolutely amazed that I can ramble on this much.

Have a great weekend !

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