Thursday, December 11, 2008

1 more day to go

I've only got tomorrow to get everything together - anything not done by tomorrow bedtime - oh well.

So, far,

cookies - all done
ice cream - french vanilla, eggnog - done (I wanted to make peppermint also but can you believe I cannot find peppermint candy canes only red - the red ones are cherry flavored - peppermint is red/green & I'm afraid of what color ice cream THAT'll make !)
cheesecakes - 2 in the oven - done

cherry cream pie - to do
lemon pudding - to do - hmm should do that tonight it only takes 15 minutes - done
cranberry sauce - will do tonight - again, only 5 minutes or so - done.
apple crisp - to do on Saturday
rum sauce for the ice cream - to do
fruit puree topping for the cheescake - to do

gift sewing - all done - to be pressed - iron is heating up - done
gift knitting - have to count - I think I still have 2 more to make.

wrapping of said gifts and packing of cookies into the boxes.

tree is up and lights are on - still have to decorate it - DH is decorating the tree

Panic mode is well underway ! :-)


  1. Wow Claire, I got tired just reading your post. Homemade icecream does sound awfully good!!

  2. You're doing great!
    Have a wonderful diner :)


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