Monday, December 8, 2008

Still in the Kitchen.....

Ann asked how many cookies I have to make for my christmas tins.

Well, I made 5 kinds. Each of the 8 tins will probably have 2 dozen ribbon, 1 dozen each of shortbread, spritz & almond balls & 1/2 dozen candy canes , I didn't make enough to put in a full dozen, oops - I'm also expected to bring a container in to work sometime before Christmas AND have a full cookie jar at home - All I can say is it's a lot & thank goodness I'm done. (I 'might' still make fudge - somebody STOP me !)

Now, I'm baking for dinner Saturday - ice cream was on sale this week - did I buy it ? NOooo, what a silly idea ! LOL ! I made the French Vanilla on Sunday (check), Eggnog in the fridge chillin' (check), Peppermint (or Candy Cane), have to buy candy canes tomorrow and get the ice cream cooked and into the fridge for chilling - hopefully to be processed and frozen on Wednesday.

Still need to make a cheesecake, lemon pudding & an apple crisp (only to be made on Saturday, DH request - he can help peel apples :-) ) I'm sure I'm forgetting something, hmmm...

Plus the sewing & knitting still has to be finished. Off to sew......................


  1. Feel free to stop by my house and bring food goodies! You are making me hungry.

  2. How much rum and/or brandy did you put in your eggnog ice cream? Your party cooking looks like a big hit to me! You and Bob are quite ambitious. Do the pups get treats?

  3. Recipe called for 1/4 cup of dark rum - we had a golden rum. I read that alcohol will make the ice cream freeze not as hard (sorry baaad grammar) so I didn't add any more. Plus I don't like rum so this was going to be hit or miss with me - I think I'm gonna like it !

    Pups will get fed treats from the table (NOT a usual circumstance) from their dog trainer auntie who will not feed her OWN dogs from the table LOL !

  4. My recipe calls for 3 tbsp each rum and brandy. I don't drink - prefer my useless calories to be sugar coated, thank you - so, Yee Haw! This could be quite a treat!

    Pam in Chattanooga says the alcohol makes ice cream stay softer, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

  5. I think the tins are such a great idea! Such nice gifts.
    And it sounds like it will be a great diner.


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